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Brighton Girl Dating – One Girls Dating Experiences

And now for the female perspective. ‘Brighton Dating Girl’ has been blogging about her dating experiences for some time. In the quest for true love there are so many websites, apps, groups, chat rooms and everything in between that you can engage with. Browsing Brighton Dating Girl’s blog it seems she’s tried a lot of these and put together a very useful dating guide in the process.

The best advice comes from those actively dating and learning from their experiences. From setting realistic expectations to dealing with people who don’t say who they say they are it covers all the highs and lows of dating in 2014 and beyond. It’s very easy to read and best of all it’s REAL. There’s so much bullshit dating advice out there it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.  ‘Brighton Dating Girl’ isn’t really a dating advice blog though as such. It’s just one girl’s observations about the dating scene.

It’s also pretty humorous:

his other plan to warm me to the idea was to set up a whats app chat between me, him and his mate entitled sun and fun :-( ‘Martial’ then sent a picture to the group of his wiily to which his friend responded with one of his.  The mate then asked “I hope you like what you see?” I responded at this point by saying “erm ‘Martial’ your mate wants to know if you like his willy pic?” then I left the group.

You really couldn’t make this stuff up! It’s evident that Brighton Girls Dating’s experiences resonate with her readers as they’re keen to leave comments about their dating experiences also. Take a look at or follow @Btowndatinggirl